Monday, January 8, 2007

Donkey Captured; Villagers Rejoice

Trekursk, KAZAKHSTAN - Villagers of Trekursk rejoice as donkey of Sunday's stampede was found in a field outside the village of Grenkski. Donkey was having anus party with a horse at 2.00pm GMT +6. The donkey was capture using rope and net in which a rope was pulled around the donkey's neck and the net was put onto the donkey.

Razputin Viktor was quoted, "Very excite" as the renegade donkey was finally captured. Head of village, Nikolai Azbavys cut off donkey head on a basin where villagers then began scooping the blood of the donkey and drink it. Children gathered around the body of the donkey to kick around while the women sat at home, watching festivities from afar.

Two days ago, three villagers died and four were arrested for treason. The four women awaiting trial are charged under conspiracy of mutiny to Kazakhstan. Uzbekistan has not sent an official response.

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