Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Reminyka Women Polo Team Win Syurrin Women Polo Competition

Almaty, Kazakhstan - Polo team of Reminyka Sows won game between Almaty Hawks in women polo. On first half, Almaty's rider Ivan Petrov scored the first goal on minute 20 but Reminyka star rider, Vladimir Isidoro's scored two retaliation goal at minute 40 and 45.
Second half, Almaty Hawks coach Semen Vasily changed tactics that enable Almaty an equalizer when rider Yakov Grigory scored another goal at minute 75.
At minute 80, Almaty Hawks' rider, Edya Narkov, was thrown off his woman when she get into fight with rider Bilok Havagovic woman and wife. Penalty given but Edya Narkov lose game with this chance. Ivan Petrov stole show by using the Nakuryev technique by stealing ball from under woman's crotch and hitting her there and scoring another goal. Reminyka Sows win 3 to 2 against the Almaty Hawks, causing huge uproar in capital.
After game, President Nazerbayev awarded the champions a trophy and potatoes to woman to cook dinner for husband at 7.15pm. Almaty Hawks were sent to jail for losing and will be tortured accordingly.

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