Monday, January 8, 2007

Donkey On Loose; 3 Killed in Havoc

Trekursk, KAZAKHSTAN - Razputin Viktor was to be wed last night when ritual of drinking donkey liquid gone wrong. Donkey of Inga Viktor, grandmother of Razputin Viktor who is also mother seem not sedated from eating gypsy pubis. It is known to villagers that eating gypsy pubis causes sleep and also, protects them from certain types of AIDS.

Donkey charged to the crowd of 20 woman barricade injuring 13 women, 2 chickens and one very angry donkey. Though three women died (including bride of Razputin), four other women who not get hurt was arrested by villagers and sent to prison.

President Nazarbavey send deepest condolences to family of dead and injured. He also ensure that women who escape from barricade would get swiftest punishment.

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